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Bungeni 2.0 is a Parliamentary and Legislative Information System that aims at making Parliaments more open and accessible to citizens ... virtually allowing them " inside Parliament" or "Bungeni"  the Kiswahili word for "inside Parliament".

Bungeni is a collaborative software development initiative based on  open standards, AKOMA NTOSO (www.akomantoso.org) and open source applications that provides a leading solution for drafting, managing, consolidating and publishing legislative and other parliamentary documents.

Bungeni is an initiative of "Africa i-Parliament Action Plan" (www.parliaments.info) a programme of UN/DESA


The BUNGENI Information System will soon be available for test pilots. After several key improvements and updates to the software in terms of components used and their integration, the system is now at a stage where it can be test-driven by different parliaments. Updates on this process will be provided here.