These are the most in-demand job skills in South Africa right now

Jobs Portal CareerJunction published its Employment Insights for August 2022, highlighting the most in-demand job skills in South Africa right now.

The report is based on comprehensive data collected from Saongroup South Africa – where around 5,000 of the country’s top recruiters advertise their positions to millions of registered job seekers.

According to the index, hiring activity continued to climb in August, trending well above levels seen a year ago.

Jobs in demand

CareerJunction highlighted increased hiring activity in the finance, business management and IT sectors. In each sector, several positions were advertised more frequently:

Finance +9%

  • Financial or project accounting
  • Payroll and wages
  • Accounts payable or receivable
  • credit management
  • Analytical and management accounting
  • Purchasing and Supply
  • Account bookkeeping
  • Financial analysis
  • Internal Audit

Computer science +8%

  • Software development
  • Systems analysis
  • Technical or business architecture
  • Administration or IT project management
  • Database design or development or administration
  • Data analysis or data warehousing
  • Business analysis
  • System or Network Administration

Business and management +5%

  • Intermediate or departmental management
  • Business development
  • Staff recruitment or selection
  • General Management or Director
  • Consulting in infrastructure or operations
  • Team Leader and Supervisor
  • The senior management

The group said there had been no significant drop in hiring activity for any of the sectors it assesses. However, he noted an increase in the number of candidates applying for jobs from the design, media and arts sectors, as well as those in the fields of education and health.

“There was an increased need for medical personnel in 2020 as a result of Covid. Most provinces are showing reduced recruitment activity for medical personnel since the end of the pandemic,” the group said.

Most of the hiring activity is taking place in Gauteng (54%), he said, followed by the Western Cape (21%) and KwaZulu Natal (11%). Notably, hiring activity in international markets remains at 3%.

Gauteng and the Western Cape have a notable increase in hiring activity for the manufacturing and assembly sector – although this is down in KZN. The Western Cape is also experiencing increased demand for warehousing and logistics candidates.

Architecture and Engineering

The job portal has noted a significant growth in employment opportunities in the architectural and engineering sectors in South Africa.

Most of the hiring activity for these sectors is in Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal, with employers looking for candidates with a higher education (diploma or higher).

Rare skills in this sector include:

  • agricultural engineering
  • Biomedical genius
  • electronic engineering
  • Civil / structural engineering

Some market-related salaries offered for the most in-demand skills include:

  • Mechanical engineer – R45.319 to R60.304
  • Electrical Engineer – R37.526 to R47.778
  • Industrial engineer – R26.351 to R34.864

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