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South Africa recorded 1,149 new cases of Covid-19, bringing the cumulative total to 2,908,768. 59 other deaths related to Covid-19 were reported, bringing the official death toll to 87,981. In total, 18,510,943 people were vaccinated.

Los Angeles City Council sent Mayor Eric Garcetti a bill that would require proof of vaccination to enter restaurants, malls and other places. The Biden administration will announce a Billion dollar purchase rapid home tests.

In Europe, Sweden and Denmark have decided to stop vaccinating young people with Moderna’s vaccine due to potential side effects. Meanwhile, Norway recommended that young men choose Pfizer’s shot instead. German Health Minister Jens Spahn urged citizens to get the flu shot in addition to those for Covid-19.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has unveiled a vaccination mandate for people using air and rail transport, fulfilling a campaign pledge.

Key developments

  • Global Virus Tracking: The cases exceed 236 million; deaths exceed 4.82 million
  • Vaccine monitoring: Over 6.39 billion hits given
  • Biden’s science guru a plan to stop the next pandemic
  • United States faces NIH and FDA leadership vacancies as pandemic continues
  • Another Zero Covid the country falls, making China the last stronghold
  • Why a new pill to treat Covid could be a game-changer: Quick setting

LA will require vaccination in indoor shops

The Los Angeles City Council has passed an ordinance that would require proof of vaccination to enter living rooms, indoor restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas and other indoor locations, the Los Angeles Times reported. Mayor Eric Garcetti is expected to sign the measure.

From November 4, customers will be required to provide proof to enter indoor facilities such as cafes, gyms, museums, bowling alleys, spas and a range of other venues. Customers with religious or medical exemptions will need to use outdoor facilities or establish that they have tested negative for the novel coronavirus if these facilities are not available.

Recall of home tests following false positives

After complaints to US regulators about false positives From a startup Covid-19 home test, the Australian company has investigated and recalled hundreds of thousands of kits sold in stores and online, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said.

Ellume announced at the end of last week a voluntary recall of approximately 195,000 unused tests. About 427,000 tests in total were affected by a testing component that made them more likely to return a false positive, a company spokesperson said.

Mix-and-match data under review, says Fauci

Data that can demonstrate the safety and efficacy of mix and match Boosters for various Covid-19 shots are being reviewed by US regulators, Presidential Advisor Anthony Fauci said.

A study of adults who received booster doses of Covid-19 vaccines different from their original injections has been completed, Fauci said in an interview on Bloomberg Television. The Balance of Power with David Westin, and the data was submitted to the United States Food and Drug Administration. The National Institutes of Health study examined the safety, immunogenicity and effectiveness of mixing and pairing the three vaccines authorized in the United States for recall purposes.

Norway recommends Pfizer for young men

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health said men under the age of 30 should consider choosing Pfizer’s vaccine over the one made by Moderna. The latest data indicates that myocarditis is more common after vaccination with Moderna’s vaccine than with BioNTech / Pfizer’s vaccine, the institute said. Sweden and Denmark also limit the use of Moderna shooting among younger people.

Canada imposes vaccination mandate for transit

Justin Trudeau unveiled a vaccination mandate for federally regulated industries in Canada, following through on an election promise he made during his successful candidacy for a third term.

The Prime Minister and his deputy Chrystia Freeland on Wednesday announced new rules requiring passengers aged 12 or older on planes, trains and cruise ships within the country to be fully vaccinated as of October 30. People undergoing vaccination will be able to provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test to travel during a transition period, which ends on November 30.

Biden plans $ 1 billion rapid test campaign

The Biden administration on Wednesday announced a $ 1 billion purchase of rapid home tests, an additional investment intended to expand the availability of these products in the coming months.

Along with the approval of another home testing product earlier this week, the $ 1 billion investment and past spending is expected to put the country on track to quadruple rapid testing by December.

Lithuania offers 100 euros for the photos

The Lithuanian government is trying to motivate people over 75 to get vaccinated by paying them € 100 if they receive two doses of the vaccine before November 30 or a booster before March 31. The incentives come from the fact that the vaccination rate of the elderly remains lower than that of any other adult age group.

Sweden, Denmark suspend Moderna shooting

The Swedish public health authority has decided to stop immunizations with Moderna’s Spikevax for people aged 30 and under due to potential side effects. Denmark followed suit, but only for the very young.

The Swedish authority cited signs of increased risk of side effects such as heart inflammation as the reason for stopping. Denmark have suspended shooting for the Under-18s, citing the results of the same Nordic study that underpins Sweden’s decision. Both countries have recommended giving Pfizer-BioNTech’s vaccine to these age groups.

Romania says hospitals are overwhelmed

Romania has reported the highest number of deaths since the start of the pandemic and President Klaus Iohannis called the country’s situation a “disaster”.

About 331 people have died in the past 24 hours, with nearly 15,000 people testing positive since Tuesday. Romania has no intensive care beds available, with doctors saying they have to treat patients in ambulances or in hallways. DM

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