Mark Taylor believes Australian bowlers were ignoring attempt to change the state of the ball

Amidst a crowd of former and current cricketers refusing to believe Australian bowlers not to know about ball tampering before, one person stood up for them. Former Australian skipper Mark Taylor threw his back behind Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins, Josh Hazlewood and Nathan Lyon – who were part of the Newlands Test in 2018. Mark Taylor observed their statements and concluded that the bowling quartet had failed no knowledge of an attempt. to change the state of the ball.

After Cricket Australia decided to reopen the case based on Cameron Bancroft’s statement that the bowlers may have known, the bowlers again strongly denied the accusation. Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood, Pat Cummins and Nathan Lyon, who were part of that game, said they answered all questions relating to this incident and reacted again with all the facts. They said, not being aware of a foreign substance taken in the field until they saw the footage on the big screen.

Cameron Bancroft and Steve Smith with the two referees [Image-Getty]

Mark Taylor commented that it was obvious Australian bowlers didn’t know and all you had to do was read the statement to understand that. New South Wales brought up the comment that bowlers were unaware that a foreign substance had been brought onto the field to tamper with the ball. Taylor also claimed that the referees did not change the ball as they saw no problem with it and decided to continue the game.

“The obvious bleeding for me is that they didn’t know he had been tampered with. You just have to read what they said during the week. If I could just read it: “We didn’t know that a foreign substance had been introduced into the field to change the condition of the ball.” And as they said, the two referees of the match did not change the ball. So there was an attempt to change the state of the ball but they couldn’t do it. The referee said: “This ball is still good, let’s go.” So they didn’t know, ” Taylor told Sports Sunday.

We had a four day window, and during that time we did well: Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor believes Australian bowlers were ignoring attempt to change the state of the ball
Mark Taylor. (Credits: Twitter)

Mark Taylor added that sending three players home and dealing with them was not ideal and would have taken a bit longer. At the same time, the 56-year-old believes that Cricket Australia everything went well during the four day window between Cape Town and Johannesburg Test.

“We had a four day window between the Cape test and the start of the fourth test, which was in Johannesburg. To send someone, do an investigation, make a report and make decisions about it. It was to send the three players home and then to take care of them. It was not an ideal situation. It would have been great to have six months to do all of this. We had a four day window, and during that time we got it right. ” added the commentator turned cricketer.

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