Urban planning “ additional costs ” for these THREE invoices


The city of Johannesburg is facing an all-powerful backlash from its citizens and several special interest groups, after officials were accused of trying to inflict ‘unreasonable costs’ on residents of the city. densely populated metro. Several “extras” to taxpayers have been put forward – leaving a bitter taste in many mouths.

According to draft official documents, the City wants to get the most out of its prepaid electricity systems, targeting domestic and professional consumers respectively. The proposed “ recycling tax ” is also included in the proposed budget:

  • – The City proposes to add a fixed monthly service charge of R230 (TTC) to domestic prepaid electricity bills.
  • – This number will change to R460 (VAT included) for prepaid utility bills from businesses.
  • – All “well-off” households “can also be billed 50 Rand per month” – to fund recycling programs at source.
  • – If they were to go ahead, these charges would be applied from July 2021.
  • – All the aforementioned proposals are included in the metro’s draft budget for the coming year.

“ Not a brilliant idea ” – OUTA rally against electricity proposals

Although the recycling tax was – literally – rejected by critics earlier today, the Organization for the Cancellation of Tax Abuse (OUTA) is more concerned that the city of Johannesburg will impose legislation. on energy charges. This is the third time they’ve tried to claim more money on electric bills – and this latest effort was called irrational.

“OUTA thinks the proposed costs are unreasonable, especially since prepaid electricity is typically used by low-income households and SMEs. The City should produce a supply cost study to justify the need for such a charge. In the absence of such a study, we consider this accusation to be irrational and ask that it be reconsidered.

“This is the third year that the City has attempted to add a monthly supplement for prepaid electricity users. Previous attempts have failed, as they should have. This attempt should also fail. The economic situation for residents is extremely difficult, especially after pandemic lockdowns. “ OUTA declaration


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