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Bungeni presented to the UK Parliament - 23 March 2011
29 Mar 2011, 11:00

Bungeni Parliamentary Information System was presented at the UK Parliament where members of staff from the Parliament ICT, Hansard Section, Information Management and Table Departments had the opportunity to appreciate the key features of the information system.

The participants appreciated the presentation and the discussions that ensued sought clarifications on issues faced during the development, such as time put in developing the system, enforcement rules and flexibility of the system, etc. The presentation was meant to explore possible venues of technical assistance and support from the UK Parliament as well as ensuring a more active involvement of the UK in the skills development processes of the project, and their participation in the continued sharing of expertise. Prior to the meeting discussions with Mr Chris Boyd Team Leader: Software Development had brought to light that challenges of developing a parliamentary centric information system are indeed similar and thus providing a rationale to seek collaboration and sharing of expertise. Further discussions with Mrs Joan Miller, Director of Parliamentary ICT and Mr Richard Ware, Director of Programmes and Development confirmed that these challenges are indeed a rationale for collaboration and thus future initiatives should seek to bring the expertise available together in providing support to all parliaments in a sustainable way.